Every punster and lover of satire knows that there must always be limitations. Some things must remain sacred. For me, my Holy Ground has always been Queen; I became quite irate after seeing what Mountain Dew™ did to Bohemian Rhapsody. The only exception to this is Wayne's World, which was always more tribute than parody.

I told myself that Queen was untouchable, until I was tempted. It's all the fault of my boyfriend's room-mate. He was there when I sat cursing the computer as it crawled its way through a Gallery site. He was the one who, feigning innocence, made the comment, "So, who wants to load forever?" I groaned, and gave him my best glare, but it was too late.

A seed was planted in my too fertile imagination; this is the result. As always, I'm proud, but it's a pride tinged with guilt. Is anything safe now? Stop me, before I pun again!

Who Wants to Load Forever?

(forgive me Queen, ye gods of music)

I've no time for this,
No disk space for this,
What is this page that has great Frus, yet makes me wait for it.

Who wants to load forever,
Who wants to load forever…?

There's no chance for me,
Its all decided by my ISP.
This phone modems crummy speed, it really gets to me.

Who wants to load forever.
Who dares to wait forever,
Netscape just died!

But wait, I see Adrian's lips,
And is that the Lady of the Light Fingertips?
Which I can have forever,
Which I can save forever,
These pictures are mine today.

Who wants to load forever,
Who wants to load forever?
These pictures are mine today,
It wasn't such a bad load, anyway.

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