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Information Please:

Please note: the official Rysher site is now dead, let us pause now to mourn its passing (...........................)
The Forum went down with the rest of Rysher, and so we were homeless for quite a while. The most popular site for Forumlanders is, for now, still known as the Test Forum. Of all the boards we've tried sofar, this has been the best, so join us there! The Emergency Backup boards are The Orphanage and The Confessional.

If there are any other dead links on this page or any other, please let me know at

Rysher's HL: the series Dead site. claims that a new site is being built, but I have no idea if it will include anything from HL:ts.
Official Adrian Paul Page A nice shiny new homepage for AP, courtesy of Celebrity Boulevard. Requires several plug-ins just to be able to get in, but sofar seems to be worth it. APFC has moved here, though the Peace fund is still at its original site.
Highlander: Official Site The "official" in this case means "official Highlander merchandise". This site is almost exclusively an E-catalogue, with very small areas dedicated to the series and movies. I couldn't say how reliable the place is, since I haven't bought anything. Though I have been tempted. 
The prices, of course, are all in US $
The Test Highlander Forum This is the current replacement for the deceased Rysher Forum. New place, same old friends: come and visit!

The Forum! It's where to go to interact with your fellow fans. Discuss anything or anyone in the HL universe, ask questions, find (or give) information, participate in the Mid Week Challenge, or exchange pictures on Fru-day Friday. 

Clansmen, don't forget to identify yourselves with either Northlander or NL in your posting name!
Forumland 411 Looking for who's who and what's what on the Forum? This is the place to go! Almost every Forum regular is listed here, categorised by their favourite cast member. I can't verify how up to date this is: my own entry hasn't been confirmed yet, and at least one e-mail address I got off 411 turned out to be invalid. In general, though, extremely useful.
Quink's Links
Quink's Links is the Yahoo of HL fandom, hundreds of Highlander sites listed by category. If you can't find it here, chances are you don't need it. 
Not only that, it's Canadian!
Index of Synopses Looking for detailed information about your favourite episode? Chances are, you'll find it here. Much more detailed than what you'll get at Rysher, this place has dialogue, cast, and plot details, including the Eurominutes we lucky Northerners get to see anyway. Mostly confined to seasons 4 &5 last time I checked, the author nonetheless promised more episodes in the future. Very useful, especially for fanfiction writers.

Show me the Pictures!

Highlander Hunks Page Another dead site, sad to say. The webmistress simply said that she has no time to maintain an HL site anymore. Pity. 
Celedon's Highlander Gallery A bit slow to load, but very impressive. More pics than you could see in a day, all categorised for your convenience. You haven't Fru'd until you've seen Celedon's Shirtless page!
The Many Faces of Adrian Paul Kasim Hunter, I salute you. Another fantastic Gallery, dedicated to the Man himself---Adrian Paul.