With the sincerest apologies to both the Molson Corporation and Panzer Productions, and my tongue firmly planted in cheek, I would like to present…

I AM Immortal--The Highlander Rant

DM eyes
I'm not a cop, or a Secret Agent.
I don’t live on Holy Ground, or cheat at Duels, or harm Innocents
And I did know Winston Churchill, Hitler, and the Four Horsemen, Although I probably won’t admit it if you ask me.

I wear a trench coat; not a kilt.
I fight for honour and for survival, NOT for sport.
And my goal is to get ahead not “a head”.

I can proudly carry the sword of a real Samurai.
I believe in justice, NOT revenge;
Romance, NOT lust;
And that the Highlands truly are a state of mind.

A katana is a sword,
A Watcher CAN be your friend;
And it’s pronounced Mac Leod, NOT Mcloud,
Immortality is a second chance at life,
The FIRST true test of your character,
And the BEST way to appreciate what you have.
I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod
And I AM—Immortal (.wav 23k)
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