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Looking for something in particular? Not sure what you want to read? Stop in at the Library, browse around, enjoy. As in the real world, you don't have to go to the library to read, but it helps.
Life After Coffee  What do you do when your best friend's birthday is coming up and you're short on cash? You make her into an Immortal, of course!
Driving Me Crazy When Toyota introduced its newest SUV as "the Highlander", I just couldn't resist. I had a lot of fun writing this one. A pretty realistic story, considering in Real Life I STILL don't have my driver's license.
History Lesson My second Remembrance Day special. It was, as the networks say "inspired by actual events. My boyfriend came home from work complaining about a prick of a teenager insulting the Poppy. He  told me what happened, and I wrote what should have happened
Mid Week Challenge #34:
Living on the Fringe
The original challenge had only two elements. Clowns, and the colour purple. I took an idea I had been saving for my Immortals go to the Festivals series and ran with it. This is the result.
Mid Week Challenge #35:
Chains of Memory
At the time of the original challenge, there was a major news event involving a ship load of modern slaves in Africa. So the topic of slavery entered the MWC. Exactly how the idea of cellular phones got in there, I don't remember. But here's what I created; with the help of a friend.
Mid Week Challenge #36:
Parking Lot Limbo
Leah gave us two choices this time. Either a quest for an elusive parking spot, or road rage. I forged ahead with a light-hearted look at that dreaded of all phenomena: Parking Lot Limbo.
Mid Week Challenge #37:
Another Day at the Mall
Another Shopping Mall challenge; another chance for me to write about West Edmonton Mall. There was a list of requirements: Scots thriftiness; Richie trying to pick up girls; attempted robbery. As usual, I managed to hit them all.
Mid Week Challenge #38:
Time Passes
A poetry challenge. Now, I don't often try my hand at verse, but this time we were given the reassurance "rhyming is optional". The theme was spring, with no other restrictions. My Methos Muse took over, and the results were even more powerful that *I* expected.
Mid Week Challenge #39:
Zen Memories
Another garden chellenge; this time I tried something a little different. Not all garden are green and growing places. A tribute to Richie Ryan.
Mid Week Challenge #40:
Don't Buzz and Drive
The challenge here involved an Immortal, and a traffic violation. Here we see a young Richie Ryan, dealing with personal demons and a Traffic Cop, all at the same time. NOTE: this takes place just after the events of Colour of Authority.
Mid Week Challenge #41:
Reader Discretion is Advised
Write a (mercifully) short love scene for a romance novel, using the most absurd, unusual or out-in-left-field metaphors you can possibly conjure, particularly for the euphemisms relating to the act of love (if you dare to take it that far). Let your imagination fly...

Warning Mature Content

Mid Week Challenge #42:
This was originally a simple little challenge, a scene in a closet. What it became, however, was my personal tribute to the events of September 11th, 2001
Mid Week Challenge #43:
Time in a Bottle
Write a short story or scene about one or more Immortals and a 'time capsule'...either a box or some other preserved collection of mementos. Stretch your imagination!
Mid Week Challenge #44:
The Man Who Has Everything
This was another interesting challenge: a birthday party for an Immortal. Of course, it wasn't that easy. There was a list of requirements including such bizarre items as a violin, a camel, peanut butter, burning leaves, Route 66, barbed wire, Sun Dogs and Benjamin Franklin. 
Mid Week Challenge #45:
Weathering the Storm
The challenge here was for a scene in the rain, but I had my own challenge to deal with--what do you do with an Immortal who is afraid of lightning?
Mid Week Challenge #46:
Substitute Teacher
I always have fun with a cross-over tale, and this one was quite an interesting cross. Highlander and Harry Potter. Ever wonder where Cassandra went to school?
Mid Week Challenge #47:
The Perfect Gift 
(a Christmas Challenge)
This was my second Christmas Mid Week Challenge--really a response to 2 challenges--an Immortal desperately in search of a last minute gift, and the receiving of "the perfect gift". I also took the opportunity to answer that long-specultated question, exactly how had Deb reacted to getting a Head for Chirstmas last year?
Mid Week Challenge #48
Surge Protection
This was a fun little Challenge: strange side-effects  of Quickenings (with or without a beheading). Find out why Immortals and computers don't mix!!
Mid Week Challenge #49:
North vs. South
This was another weather-related Challenge, involving Immortal combat and a freak snowstorm. No spoilers, but this IS  a Debra Campbell story....
Mid Week Challenge #50:
Adam's Peak
Wow--50 Mid Week Challenges!! I should have gotten a Lifetime Achievement Award or something (grin). The challenge involved a memory invoked by a scent. Here, we learn a little bit more about Methos' mysterious past....
Mid Week Challenge #51:
Sweep Kick
Look out! The "real world" of Highlander has been taken over by Network Execs in search of Teen viewers. See two HL ladies deal with a nasty case of Sweeps Week. How low can you go?
Mid Week Challenge #52:
Mirror for the Cajun Moon
The challenge involved Mardi Gras, vegetables and a (phyisical) reflection. Here, Debra goes through some tough times in the aftermath of her first Quickening.
Mid Week Challenge #53:
Blood Ritual
 I'm not above manipulating the MWC to be able to write a story. Here's a challenge based on my own suggestion: strange side-effects of Immortality. Men beware as we see the wrath of --- Immortal PMS!
Mid Week Challenge #54:
The Littlest Boy Scout
The challenge here involved a Highlander character forced to deal with a troublesome child in public. I decided to give Joe his own story this time, set in a very sensitive moment of HL canon. See what happens when a Watcher meets his match on the banks of the Seine. 
Mid Week Challenge #55:
If I Ever Cried
Have you ever been haunted by a song? I have; so much so that I suggested a MWC to see if anyone else had been inspired by music. This heart-wrenching scene was inspired by "If I Ever Cried" from the Jim Byrnes CD "That River".
Mid Week Challenge #56:
Mid Week Challenge #57:
The Fixer
Mid Week Challenge #58:
The Fire Within

At this point, regretfully, I left the Holyground Forum, for personal reasons. No Forum, no Mid Week Challenges. Will there be more stories? Perhaps.